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Expo: De warande Turnhout

Bels Lijntje

This is one of my first works that I exhibited in a group expo. In 2017, we had the opportunity to make a work with the theme ‘Bels lijntje’, a cycle route where once ran a train. Along the route, only some remnants are left of the existence of a train track. Inspired by this natural transience, I made an Arte Povera work out of bricks that symbolizes the ephemerality of everything, no matter how strong and everlasting something seems.

The brick crumbles down until there is nothing left but dust, and so it goes the other way around: the dust forms a brick we can build with. It just depends in which way you read the work.

Respice post te(#2). Hominem te memento.

Presented: Bels lijntje – De warande – Turnhout